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No More Night Of Joy (& my response)

First of all, I decided to post this here so I can have one place to send people who want to know my feelings about this topic.


You may have heard today that Walt Disney World will no longer be hosting the hard ticket event NIGHT OF JOY.

Night of Joy was a celebration of Contemporary Christian Music that happened in the Magic Kingdom and in the last couple of years at the Wide World Of Sports complex.

I first heard about this on Facebook and not one to want to spread fake news, I immediately asked Walt Disney World Today (@WDWToday) via Twitter DM about this  and this is the response I got…

Starting to hear grumblings of the fact that you guys are not putting Night of Joy on any more???? …….is this true?

Enthusiasm for Night of Joy has declined since we transitioned it out of our theme parks and, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate this event given all of the other activities planned in our theme parks. Over the years we have hosted Night of Joy in different venues, and last year was our final event. This year, Christian music will be part of our expanded entertainment offerings during the Eat to the Beat concert series at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Contemporary Christian performers, including music legend Mercy Me and Grammy-nominated singer Tauren Wells, will be featured in early September.

I will always have very fond memories of being in the Magic Kingdom during the Night of Joy event.   For many years in a row, my family and I would head up for the event to celebrate my birthday, which was the week before.   Memories of this event will include seeing Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith in the front of the castle and seeing Michael W. Smith on the same stage the Saturday before 9-11.

That being said I am not upset that there will be no more Night of Joy events at Walt Disney World.   The Disney Company is a business and as a business they have to look at the bottom line.  And as the response from @WDWToday said the numbers haven’t been there.

Now I do wish that they would have said last year’s event was going to be the last one but I have a feeling the decision was more recently.

It also sounds like they are willing to have Christian acts at some of their other events…and the only way they are going to keep them a part of the rotations is if fans go and see them when they are scheduled to perform.  So go and do that with a joyful heart.



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