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My World Showcase (EPCOT) Must Sees

This came from a response I gave in a thread on the WDW Radio forums and thought it would be cool to post here…by no means is this the end of what can be done at EPCOT’s World Showcase, just things I prefer to do when I am there 🙂

Be sure to ck the time sheet that you get when you enter the park for exact time of performances (and yes most of my must sees are music related)  ENJOY KD <>< 8(:-D

World Showcase Players

Off Kilter
(who can resist a man in a kilt!?!?!)  hehehe

Mo Rockin

Voices of Liberty

The Acrobat Show (exact name I can’t remember…sorry)
The 360 movie (name???) 

Mariachi Cobre


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