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Don’t be scam victim in wake of Disney World and Universal ticket price hikes: Avoid sketchy sellers

(from Orlando Examiner – Barbara Nefer (Examiner.com))

Disney World and Universal Orlando recently hiked their ticket prices, making bargain prices all the more attractive to budget-minded tourists. But can you really trust the signs up and down 192 and other tourist strips that shout “Cheap tickets”? As evidenced by a recently bust by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, they are often partially used tickets that could be worthless at the theme park gates. Both Disney and Universal use finger recognition systems (not actually fingerprints) that could draw suspicion when bargain-basement resale tickets are used. The tickets are revoked and the users are not let into the park if they are found to be using previously used tickets.

The ticket scams are relatively widespread. The current bust took down six sellers located in stores along 192. You can find the resellers in kiosks, trailers and stores along heavily trafficked areas. Tourists are drawn in by signs offering discounts or are approached by hawkers as they walk into stores or restaurants. Many have no idea they are buying used tickets or that they could potentially be no good.

The best way to avoid the scams is to buy tickets from the theme parks themselves. Disney World rarely has ticket deals unless you purchase a vacation package. Universal and SeaWorld  run periodic specials and discounts.

There are also some legitimate discount ticket sources. Their Disney discounts tend to be lower than the deals for the other parks. AAA sells theme park tickets, and there are some legitimate discount sellers (I used to use Maple Leaf before I moved to FL). Always ask the seller whether you are getting brand new, unsed tickets. Do not buy theme park tickets on eBay because you have no way to confirm their legitimacy. Click here for more information on eBay scams.

You can get heavily discounted or free tickets from timeshare hawkers, but you will have to give up several hours of vacation time and sit through a high-pressure pitch in exchange for the freebie. Calculate how much your time is worth to see whether this is a good option for you. There are timeshare booths in stores and restaurants all around the tourist area.

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Ticket logo: Walt Disney World


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